Slaying Dragons Theatre Company Seeks Young Actors and Volunteers for Stage Productions

St. Louis, Missouri, October 9, 2016…The Slaying Dragons Theatre Company seeks young actors, actresses and volunteers to participate in 2017 in local stage productions that reflect the mental and emotional concerns of young people in our communities.

The theater company is looking for people between the ages of 16 to 23, regardless of experience, and asks those interested to contact Helene Meyer, Slaying Dragons’ Artistic Director, for information. Please call 314- 596- 1219 or email

“This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to gain meaningful theatrical experience in live stage productions,” said Meyer, who founded Slaying Dragons in 2013, a 501 (3)c not-for-profit organization dedicated to “slaying” stigmas associated with mental illness.

“We are bringing public awareness of mental health issues, depression and other disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), through theatrical performances, workshops and lectures.” Says Meyer.

Slaying Dragons works independently and with community partners to present a wide range of theatrical productions for private and public audiences. These productions have drawn upon many source materials — from works of William Shakespeare to original new plays.

“We provide positive reinforcement, creative theatrical experience and support for our troupe and inspiration for our audiences,” Meyer said.

Slaying Dragons typically performs two to three stage productions annually. The group is comprised of volunteer actors, costume designers, stage managers and other creative people of all ages and backgrounds.

Donors and sponsors have included The Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, The Missouri History Museum, William Woods University, Places for People, The Independence Center, The Foundation for Commercial Philanthropy, KTK Productions, The Southampton Church and Kol Rinah, among others.

More information is available at the website