5 Things you must do for your news portal

Hundreds and thousands of news portals are there providing top news stories just like your news website, they are publishing the same topics just like your website, may be better than yours. What’s the difference you are making? What is that one thing which holds the biggest importance related to online news portals? That is, keep changing for the betterment of the site, it is the only thing you can do to survive in this highly competitive platform.

Here I am going to suggest you 5 things you have to do for your online news portal.

  • The edition is an outdated concept:

The idea of editions is not going to work in online news, even it’s now an inefficient remnant of print media. Online news is about being up to date constantly. People use online news for latest updates, so there is no reason to withhold stories so that they can be uploaded together. For instance, the relevancy of the latest sports news headlines will decrease if you post it late. In fact, trying to withhold stories and organizing them to launch at once will require more administrative work- for no benefit.

  • Use content management system (cms):

No matter what sort of online publishing you are doing, you should use a content management system. A CMS allows you to post your news and information and make changes without having to rely on a third party.

  • Build the trust:

If it is possible, try to put the source of the news, put images and videos to show the authenticity of the news. This is how you can build a trust and acquire readers. For example, some of the latest political news in India are fake, so when you put an image or a video with content it builds a sense of trust.

  • Concentrate on readership:

If your news website is new, instead of making money from it, you should concentrate on growing readership. Don’t work on monetizing it, there are lots of big player in this sector and you have long way to go. Publish better content and try to get more readers.

  • Pick your image proportions and be consistent:

The images that you upload on your website should be of all same proportions. This will give a clearer and more consistent appearance. Proper image attracts more readers and we all know that a good image is worth a thousand words.

How you are publishing is equally important as what you are publishing. Whether it is about Bollywood news and gossip or sports news, make sure it is worth reading, because there are thousands of options available for the reader.