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What do we see on the television nowadays? Let’s make it simpler for everyone. What do we see on the news channels nowadays? The same repeated sports news, entertainment news, astrology, even the news related to daily soaps are also getting a slot in tv news channels. News channels are not the same what it used to be 10 years ago. Channels those are famous for their latest breaking news and high-quality contents are running news shows which hardly matters to anyone, most of the news channels now become an “entertainment” channels, well we cannot just blame the channels. It is not easy to run 24/7 news channels, isn’t it?

But to be very frank, many news channels are largely acting irresponsibly and not serving the people by giving them the most relevant news like and international news, as they ought to be doing. Nowadays most of the news readers are inclined towards the online news portals, online news portals are emerging as the source of getting the most relevant and genuine news. Many people who follow various news portals go there because they get the quality contents. They get everything related to news, which is lacking in today’s news channels.

To my mind, in a developing country like India the media has a great responsibility to fight evil practices such as corruption and crime. And this can be avoided when people know what is happening around them, they should know who is the good politician and who is the corrupt one, this thing goes in every section such as sports, entertainment and much more.

Media has a great responsibility to make people aware of the truth. While most of the channels are busy in serving biased version of the news many online news websites publish the neutral version of the news. Whether it a health and lifestyle news or a news related to a criminal case, you will find that news websites get the news first and they put on their sites with some evidences such as photos or a video. Apart from the news channels, news websites are famous for their fast updates, whether you are interested in sports or want to know the latest political news, news portals are the best place to yourself updates. News should be unadulterated and should only be based on facts. So instead of changing news channels, it is better to know the news about everything from a news portal.

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