3 ways to keep love on the high end of the scale.

So we’ve commemorated love yet again, super job everyone. We’ve had our day of frantic rose shopping, quick stops for chocolates, and last minute reservation bookings at our favourite restaurant. We’reout. Literally. Before you pack your fancy lingerie back into the drawer you probably (hopefully not) only open once a year, here are three ways to keep the love flowing all year round because the truth is, dedicating one day to love is a great idea only if it inspires us to keep the love strong throughout the whole year.

Date Night

Plan a date night, at least once a month. (Come on, that’s only 12 nights a year) so no matter how busy you are you’ll find a way to fit these dates in. Book your favourite fun eateries and spend the evening chatting with your best friend — yes that’s right your selected ‘one’ is your partner in crime — the individual you can talk to about practically anything under the sun. Laugh together, hold hands, go for a walk down memory lane and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Give compliments

The power of meaningful words. Oh wouldn’t it be super great if we’d all realize just how special words can make a person feel. Think of the last time you gave your loved one a compliment….. can’t remember? Ouch. It’s the little things sister! Granted, we know you’re a master juggler and a super busy powerhouse however, a ‘you look stunning today’ won’t waste too much of your time now will it? Make your loved one feel loved, special. Treat your loved one the exact way you’d like to be treated and they’ll mirror your love right back.

Be Mindful

We give each other signs and signals of what we are feeling all the time — the problem is we don’t always take the time to notice. Open your eyes sister. Be aware. Your partner will show you what their day was like through subtle (or not so subtle) signs. Your job is to look out for them and be the partner you promised to be. Don’t ignore signs, don’t throw any pending issues under the rug. Show your partner that you truly care.

That’s it. Easy peasy. Dates, mindfulness and compliments are three simple ways we can keep love on the high side of the scale. Enjoy feeling the best emotion in the world — old fashioned love. Love dear sister, and you’ll feel the love right back.

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