A 15min Self-Love Ritual.

The ‘Things I Love’ Series featuring The Body Shop

Self-love is your time to indulge in the little pleasures which just give you the serenity, energy and love to continue your life journey with a smile. Self-love doesn’t need to be an extravagant splurge, quite the contrary, self-love practices are the little moments in our day dedicated entirely to us, so for all the workaholics and juggling mothers out there — carving out time for self-love really should be on top of your priority list not only because it will make you look good but more importantly, because it will make you feel good.Today, we’re sharing a self-love ritual which will be make you feel like the fabulous goddess you are. The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Glowing Face Mask is my secret weapon to self-love bliss.

A bit about the brand

This gem in a bottle by The Body Shop, has the power to make your day brighter or your night ever so peaceful, it’s packed with bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan Foothills, green tea leaves from Japan and organic Community Trade tea tree oil — an enchanting description which is as deliciously great as it sounds.

It’s the home facial your skin desires and your mind and heart deserve, it has made it to my list of favourite things because it’s inspired by Ayurvedic traditions, affordable and you’ll see a difference even after your first application. It’s your fifteen minutes of 100% vegan self-love which will draw out impurities, make your skin glow and your heart sing.

What does self-love time really look like?

Self-love is trending but most of us still need a step-by-step manual to understand what a self-love session really looks and feels like. For instance, are you one of those multitasking sisters who apply a face mask and wash the dishes or iron at the same time? Guilty as charged? If this is the case, you’re helping your skin but you’re definitely not doing any favors to the rest of you. Try out the HighwaytoHappy way just once, transform a beauty treatment into a sensational ritual and we guarantee, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled to the Himalayan Foothills without leaving your room.

HighwaytoHappy’s Self-Love Time

  • A week ahead — Schedule in 30mins of Self-Love Time. Add it to your calendar.
  • The day of your Self-Love session -If you live in a jungle of a household then lock your bedroom/bathroom door, your family will survive 30mins without you
  • Put the kettle on. Prepare your favourite herbal tea.
  • Turn on some candles. Choose scents which match your mood.
  • Select some of your favourite mellow music tracks.
  • Pull your hair back, cleanse your face
  • Apply the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask with a Facial Mask Brush
  • Sit and be still. Allow your mind to rest. Don’t think of your day or your to-do list. Gently tell your wandering mind that you need this time for yourself.
  • Enjoy the tingling of the mask, let the sensations take you on a journey to your happy place. You deserve this time, and so much more.
  • After 15mins, rinse with warm water, your skin will look and feel healthy, you’ll have a youthful glow and all excess oil will be absorbed. More importantly, you’ll feel alive, healthy and energized. You’ll find yourself smiling and thinking ‘Now why didn’t I do this before?’. That’s the magic of a 15min self-love session.

It’s really as simple as we’re making it sound and brands like The Body Shop make our self-love time better than ever before. So give you a try, it’ll only take 15mins to get you on the Self-Love Train to the forever happy place you’re destined to be, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

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