Are sleepiness, nausea & cravings your definition of pregnancy? Read on.

My 10 weeks of knowing that I was given the gift of carrying my child were the best weeks of my life. Yes, I had slight nausea, funny cravings and of course just like everyone else, I was sleepy most of the time, but pregnancy certainly did give me extra meaning to my being and made me feel so wholesome, happy and healthy. So if you’ve just found out that you’re on your way to become a mummy — Congrats! You’re so blessed. Here are five thoughts to consider.

  1. Power of the mind. Careful what you to choose to watch, read or listen to. There are thousands of blogs, vlogs, articles and apps — which are super. They’ll tell you what to expect in the coming days and beyond and help you predict what your pregnancy journey will be like, but watch out for this! Careful you’re not pre-conditioning yourself to experience what the online content is suggesting that you’ll feel. For example, you’ll probably read an article stating that morning sickness is about to hit so you tune your body and mind to expect it. The mind is a powerful tool. Try and detach yourself and let your body, mind and soul experience your own journey.
  2. The benefits of meditation. From the very start of your pregnancy, find time to meditate and connect with your child. The bond that you will create will be incredible. When I lost my child my immediate reaction was to trash meditation only because I knew its strength, now I understood that my pain was just deeper and greater because of the strong bond I had created through meditation. After two weeks of self love I am now cherishing the precious time dedicated to meditation because I had managed to bond so deeply with my unborn child — this is a priceless gift I will always treasure. I’m forever grateful.
  3. The funny side of cravings. True story — So I would wake up at 3am and feel like a pickle or a super cheesy sandwich. Strange and so unlike my normal healthy self. Now you can either get angry at yourself, you could indulge and take it out on the food or you can just pat our tummy and acknowledge your baby’s presence and their cute sense of humor. Ah the joys of pregnancy!
  4. Your exercise plan. I had incorporated yoga in my lifestyle prior to pregnancy so exercising wasn’t a chore but a necessity — it was part of my daily routine. So during my pregnancy, even when I felt super tired, I turned to yoga practice and it always made me feel more rooted, connected and peaceful. Of course, be mindful and make sure you get advice especially if you’re not a yogi at heart. Trust me exercise will give you the energy boost you’re after.
  5. Your nourishing meal plan. The joy of knowing that you are eating healthy not just to nourish yourself but also for your growing child is exciting and will fill you with so much purpose and happiness. Now you might not like the look of broccoli, organic chicken might make you feel sick and brown rice might make you feel like you’re just experienced an outrageously scary roller-coaster ride, but I am confident that if you commit to a nourishing lifestyle and remind yourself of the benefits for your child, you will definitely find what works for you. Plan nourishing meals, research and design a food programme which is stellar. You’ll be proud of yourself.

The beauty of pregnancy. At the very start of my pregnancy, my yoga instructor (who has 3 kids of her own) had encouraged me to give each moment utmost respect - even the instances which weren’t the most fun or entertaining. Her wise words combined with my strong belief that a woman’s body is designed to experience this amazing adventure made each and every minute of my 14 weeks of pregnancy so sweet. I encourage you to do the same. Know that you are blessed, loved and that all over the world there are women who are rooting for you and celebrating the precious gift you have been given.

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