Be it life, love or business here are 3 reasons why being at a crossroad rocks

So you’re at a crossroad — congratulations! You’ve reached a fork in the road and you’re about to select your lane and while you might be anxious, insecure and scared, know that crossroads are probably the most exciting moments of your life. Crossroads rock. Here are three reasons why.

Reason 1

Be it life, business, love or pleasure, crossroads are great for they have the potential of being magical moments precisely because they are new beginnings and come on, aren’t new beginnings just scrumptiously exciting and grand? Think of the butterflies that new adventures bring…. crossroads rock and deep down you know it too.

Reason 2

Being at a crossroad means that at one point or another you’re going to have to listen to your gut and trust your intuition. Now the more you trust your intuition the more empowered, stronger and happier you’ll become. All you need is a gentle push and loads of support and encouragement to boldly, bravely and beautifully take your next step. Crossroads give you the chance to experience a new exciting part of your journey called life.

Reason 3

Being at a crossroads means that you have the option of not being stuck in the same space you’ve become comfortable in. You have options and choices that will help you evolve and grow. Crossroads are the start of new chapters and they bring with them a myriad of delicious feelings which make us feel alive, energized and empowered.

There’s only one challenge and it’s huge. The Crossroads quicksand really exists.

Careful of the CrossRoad Quicksand!

Crossroads are the classic times in our life when we find ourselves asking a string of ‘What ifs’ and, the horrid ‘What if’ dear friends, are exactly when quicksand starts to work its cruel magic.

The moment we ask our first ‘What if’ is when more often than not the instance when we choose to get comfortable in being stuck. You see, for the mind which does not practice mindfulness and meditation, ‘what if’s’ are as powerful as quick-sand because our ‘what if’s’ typically focus on all the things that can go wrong and are not a fresh balanced perspective which is fair and which is ultimately what we deserve.

Need an example? Here you go

Imagine your crossroad is related to love. Your ‘What if’ will most likely focus on the possibility of getting heartbroken rather than thinking that this might be the start of a beautiful love story. Probably, your ‘What If’ will focus on all that will go wrong rather all that can go right so you’ll probably ending up deciding to get comfy and stuck in the place that you are — alone. Your ‘What If’ murdered the potential magic of your crossroad and that sucks.

Now, I’m not implying that you should take the plunge without considering all options. We’re not all born to be impulsive and wild. I’m just suggesting that you give positive ‘What If’s’ the same attention as the negative ones so back to our example related to a potential love story, allow your mind to also think of what it would be like if you choose to embark on this relationship and you end up discovering the your true love. Give both positive and negative what if’s the same amount of air-time and attention.

and finally….

If you’re at a crossroads be grateful, be thankful for crossroads really are monumental moments in our lives. Allow your heart to be your inner compass. Be curious, compassionate and creative. Dedicate time to think, discuss all options with your trusted few and dedicate time for visualization practices where you imagine just how great your life will be in your next chapter. We have your back.

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