Birthday wishes for a dear friend.

It’s your birthday! It’s the day we celebrate the world welcoming you with open arms, we’re remembering that day when the stars twinkled a bit brighter and when the sun grinned from ear to ear, just because you were born.

Know that your quiet strength, your pleasant grace, your big heart and your strong presence make knowing you a true blessing. You ooze personality and you have some much love to give, you sparkle and throw confetti of kindness everywhere you go. You’re a gentle warrior princess always ready to inspire, encourage and cheer on the people close to you, you’re a stunning goddess, ever so radiant. You bring joy and serenity everywhere you’re at. Know that you are surrounded by family and friends who think the world of you.

Today, we all celebrate the start of another year with you, today, more than all other days in the year, we will appreciate just how special you truly are, today is when we take a moment and remember how lucky we are to be able to call you a treasured friend. Today we are filled with happiness because we are blessed to know you and forever grateful that we share such a wonderful friendship full of compassion, acceptance and understanding. Today is your day to receive so much well deserved love and attention right back.

So take a moment for yourself and know that today, your loved ones, family and friends are raising their glasses to salute you, you dearest one, for the world is so much better with you in it. Happy birthday lovely. You are special beyond words.

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