Breath in, chill out & let it be

You wouldn’t dream of it, it sounds outrageously crazy, but realistically you might not have a choice in the matter, so let’s not underestimate the art of crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. Yes dear friends, let’s talk about the moments when as hard as it may be, our only option is to breath in, chill out and just let it be.

I’m not saying this is simple, actually, it’s an incredible feat because when the good old waiting game kicks in, time seems to stop, the tick-tock thunders in our head and we can do nothing about it. Wait brings so much unwanted anxiety and fear, so here are my tried and tested tips which if given a chance, could be your sprinkles of gold dust.

Trust your destiny. This is how your story will continue, this is the start of a new chapter, the continuation of your journey so, rather than being anxious be excited at the thought of the unknown. You’re at a crossroad and whatever’s coming up will be a part of your life book.

Know that you will find strength. Looking back, you’ve been through so many experiences which have defined how exceptional you truly are. You are a strong, determined woman and you are capable of taking anything that comes your way in your stride.

Fear. You rightly fear the unknown, you’re understandably scared because you’re not in control of what’s coming your way. Your life might do a 360' flip right in-front of your nose and you can’t do anything about it. Look fear straight in the eye and show that you’re in control, let fear know that you’re on top of things. Don’t let this emotion get the better of you. We seem to give it way more importance than other feelings, we allow it to silently creep in and steal the show. Keep fear where it deserves to be — in the back seat.

Hope is a beautiful thing. Be positive, we tend to go all negative on ourselves and imagine tragedies way easier than we imagine happy endings. If the only thing we can do is wait, then let’s keep focused on the joy good news will bring. Let’s ooze hope. Tune your brain to happy.

Life is an incredible gift we are blessed with, we have the power to live an authentically beautiful life full of precious moments, surrounded by the people that matter most, so when there’s no other thing to do but wait, we should appreciate the now and know that it really is the only thing that is guaranteed. So dear sisters, all together now, breath in, chill out and let it be.

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