Creating Creativity

Special guest post by Rowena Mabbott, Life & Loss Coach

Do you remember when being creative wasn’t even something you thought about? When it was simply how you spent your day? Whereas now, we are often so busy being busy, we’ve lost that spark that brings creativity into our lives. As creativity also brings joy, therein lies the problem. It’s hard to feel creative and joyful when we are just going about our regular routine day.

Routine can squash creative vibes. Instead, creativity comes when we feel alive. So, I hear you ask, what do we do about this? How can we feel alive again and spark our creativity?

When we travel, have an adventure or go on holidays to a new destination — these are all great ways to ignite our creativity. But if traveling or taking a holiday is not possible for you, don’t despair. You can kick-start your creativity much more simply at home too. It just requires doing things a little differently — a change of routine. When we step out of our routine, out of the day-to-day, even if only briefly, we can tap into our creativity.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • play mariachi music as you prepare the dinner
  • wear heels when you normally wear flats
  • have a backwards day (eat dinner at breakfast and vice versa)
  • or even just have a backwards meal (dessert first, anyone?)

It can even be as simple as taking a shower (yes, you know that’s where you get your best ideas, and now you know why — it’s a change of scene!). Try it — do something different and see how you feel. Another option to boost creativity is to simply play. Be a bit silly.

Being a bit silly can make us feel a bit foolish at first but it’s a brilliant way to make us happy. Being silly and playing can also makes us feel alive! It reminds us of being little girls, where fun and playing were all that mattered to us — and we felt vibrant and invincible. As children, we know implicitly that “the world is your playground”, and we act accordingly. As adults, we sometimes need to be reminded that we are never too old to play.

And as little girls, our play was based in creativity. We were busy making up songs, dances, poems, drawing, writing, doing cartwheels instead of walking, colouring, singing, making up elaborate crazy stories and dreaming of a wonderful, fun-filled life. Do you remember her, that little girl?

That little girl felt alive! She was full of creativity. She looked at the world with curiosity. That’s right — all those “but why?” questions were you being curious about the world! That little girl is still inside you; she’s still there, dreaming of that wonderful fun-filled life.

Now, I’m not necessarily suggesting you start the “but why?” questions again unless you really want to, but I am suggesting you recall that childhood inquisitiveness, and tap back into it. So, why don’t you give it a go? Do something different, shake-up your routine, be silly, play, be curious. As you do so, you’ll have fun, laugh a little and be joyful, and I bet your creativity comes along for the ride too.

More about today’s special guest

Rowena Mabbott is a Life & Loss Coach, writer, speaker, mum and consultant. Through her coaching practice JoyHopeLove, she works with mother’s who have lost a baby and want to honour their child by confidently living their best life; one that is full of joy, hope and love and legacy. Rowena is based in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her husband and two boys. She has a free e-book you can download from her website, where you can also learn more about her. You can also connect with her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.