Do you edit your dreams?

Dreams are the absolute best. Don’t you just love them? A day dreaming session has the power to take us to a marvelous ever so happy place. We can sit and dream of our dreams and goals for ages, without getting tired of it. However, sitting down and living in our very own comfortable dream world isn’t our aim right? What would actually be sinfully scrumptious is if we had to transform our dreams into real life stories. Now that lovely ladies, would be the ultimate. That’s what would make our life an amazing journey full of incredible success stories.

So do we dare to transform dreams to reality?

The thing with dreams is we all have truck loads of them and most of the time they end up being filtered, edited and even deleted only because we let moments of fear and insecurity take over. The older we get, the higher the chance of us letting go of our dreams and just flushing our ‘once upon a time’ dream story down the drain and our self confidence right after it. During the years I’ve come to realize that the only real enemy of our dream, is our self. Yes dear friends, ironically, we are the dreamers of our dreams, but we are also the ones who murder our dreams in the most vicious and ferocious of ways.

Think about it. The first time a multi-colored fantastical dream pops in our head it excites us, it gives us the butterflies which make our day awesome. Then, after inner deliberation and an extremely tiring ping-pong match with our self, we decide to tone it down and edit our dream into something we believe is more attainable. We might even just press the delete button. We rarely decide to take the plunge and challenge ourselves, because we allow fear to win its battle with faith. Faith becomes the loser because we’re scared. We let go of our dream because the unknown frightens our socks off and we’re fearful of things which realistically are unlikely to even happen. We accept defeat and watch our dream die. We edit our dream down to its death.

Here’s some magic

We don’t have a magic wand you can buy online but we do have a couple of HighwaytoHappy secrets up our sleeve so, if you think you might be editing your dreams a bit too much try this tried and tested tips.

Dare to dream. Create a shortlist of your top five dreams and focus on making them happen. Live and breath your dream, surround yourself with people who will encourage, motivate and mentor you to success.

Be aware. Dedicate time to yourself to figure out how much you really want your dream to come true. Write your dream down and take that piece of paper with you everywhere you go.

Visualize. Spend time visualizing what your life would be like if your dream had to initialize. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your dream had to come true? Keep that the positive vibe alive.

Be present. Have a good look at your life and identify your greatness. Give yourself self love and an ego boost to match. Celebrate how amazing you truly are.

Let faith win. Don’t let your fear take over your life, once in a while it’s great to let faith be the winner.

Let’s get things straight

We’re not asking you to follow just any whimsical dream at all costs, we’re merely suggesting that you give your real raw dreams a chance before going on an editing spree. Let’s allow our dreams to be the leading role in our award winning movie we call life.

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