Feel the Joy. Be the Joy.

We’re surrounded by joy. Think that’s a snazzy bombastic statement? Well take a minute to look closer. In your defense, it’s not easy because we’re all constantly bombarded with bad news and tragedy and our picture of life tends to get a bit fuzzy, jaded — nowadays more than ever before. However, if we can’t stop seeing the incredible gift we have been given, then we’re just drowning in darkness. Now realistically life isn’t a bed of roses — we’re not saying it is. It does throw us numerous unexpected curve balls along the way. We’ve all had our fair share of grief, anger and resentment but, we’ve survived and we will continue to do so. Through it all we remain forever blessed because, we are alive.

It’s time

It’s time to shine a light on the wonders of life and snap out of all the misery and sadness. Let’s celebrate joy, let’s share joy, let’s be joy. Our heart beats to the incredible music of life, just ignoring that would be such as sad waste. It’s time for us to take a moment, breath in and re-discover just how amazing life is.

Our Game Plan

First let’s show immense gratitude, let’s be thankful. We have the gift of being able to build strong life-long friendships, create relationships which transform us into the incredible soulful beings we were designed to be. Let’s acknowledge how marvelous the gift of love is. Let’s laugh and take the time to make our loved ones smile. Let’s allow ourselves to be vulnerable because it is what truly brings out in us our authentic raw gorgeous self.

Our joy can be infectious. Joy is the addiction we need more of. Let’s let happy moments take centre stage, let’s take a moment and cheer, let’s be epic and remember that the world really can be our very own happy place. Ready to get started?

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