Get out of your own way

(The pep talk we all need at one point or another)

That’s right. You heard me loud and clear. You might choose to stop reading here or, you could be brave enough to face the music and read on.

Get out of your own way because you’re stopping yourself from being the powerful amazing being you’re destined to be. Step aside, because you’re interrupting what could be an incredible journey only because you’re falling for fear and letting it dictate how the rest of your story will play out. Move over because the only one stopping you is, you.

Now just like a merry-go-round, we can go on and on but, we know that you get the point. Or, if you’re clueless it’s only because you’re just in denial and in typical ‘you’ fashion you’re not ready to admit that if there is one enemy that is keeping you back it’s more than likely yourself. You know the drill, you conveniently come up with many excuses — you blame destiny, situations or people when realistically, what you really need to do is have a good look in the mirror and have a long chat with your inner self.

Your truth

In your heart of hearts it’s clear that you’re not giving yourself space or time to shine, you know you could do so much more, you feel it in your bones. You are an amazing female, you have endless potential and keeping yourself back is an injustice you are doing to yourself and the people around you. So it’s high time this stops. It’s time that you realize just how amazing you are, it’s time for you to celebrate your talents and show the world that you’re ready to take it up a notch. It’s time to be the marvelous.

So darling, snap out of it. Stop blocking your awesomeness and shine away.

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