Hey Tribe! Welcome to HighwaytoHappy

This is where we share glorious moments, celebrate each other’s successes, engage with fellow sisters and be our true authentic selves, without feeling pressured, judged or at the center of attention. This is our rare space where we can take time for ourselves to unwind, feel nurtured, re-charge and appreciate the tiny delicious moments in our lives. A place where we will engage with other super souls who have the same passion, drive, enchantment and love for a wholesome hearty life. We’ll learn, share experiences, connect with our tribe and find heaps of motivation, inspiration, support and energy to power the world and live authentically.

More about me. It’s been quite a journey, one hell of a ride. I’ve had highs, lows, extravagant wins, miserable failures. I’ve had an abundance of love, laughter, tears, joys, anguish and pain. I’ve been through it all. My story has led me to this very special moment. Mid way through my third decade in the adventure we call life, I can look up to the sky and smile. The world has a wonderful, quirky way of leading us to the place we finally feel is our own spot, the peaceful place where happiness conquers all — it might have felt like we’re climbing the Everest in heels but it was worth it. Difficult roads do really lead to stunning destinations. I’ve arrived exactly where I’m intended to be, my very own #HighwaytoHappy.

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