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How to keep your ego in check.

Lately I had an aha moment, one of those thoughts that pop into your head at the most random times. I debated with myself if I should take my fitness regime to the next level. I was intrigued, seriously considering, so the universe magically delivered a ten class gift voucher thanks to one of my favourite female networking events SHE. (here’s my event review just in case you’ve missed it) Yes dear friends, when you open your heart to the universe it will be your perfect partner in crime.

Now keep in mind, I’m an avid yogi and I have been for years. I am relatively fit, nourish myself with all that mother nature delivers and I navigate from one yoga pose to another very confidently. Yoga is my juicy comfort zone, my daily ritual. Vinyasas are my cup of tea.

So I took this experiment to the extreme. I booked a 6AM HIIT class — yes, I wanted to take a ‘giant’ leap out of my comfort zone and take the plunge into something totally new and I figured high intensity was just the right dose of ‘new’ I needed. Instead of waking up to the sounds of soothing melodies, sipping lemon water and sitting down for some major meditation I chose a HIIT class.

The 6AM Club — Class 1

Ego and I walked into the class confidently, we starting our warm up, all good. Suddenly things got real. The music got louder, we started intense bursts of exercise which got my heart racing, very short recovery periods, seconds. I felt like I was dangling from a super fast speed train, I was completely out of control, totally not in my comfort zone. One more set of burpees and I was quite sure I would never see the light of day again. My confidence fizzled, I thought I could handle this like a pro and clearly I was wrong, my ego dear friends, had left the building.

What I’ve learnt

So the yogi addict isn’t as fit as she thought she was. Humbling. My ego rapidly hibernated, it dissolved into thin air and I found myself smiling at how quickly ego can take command if we let it. Thanks to my 6AM Club I quickly claimed the lead and politely asked the ego to take a back seat. Thanks to my decision to try something new I felt the butterflies new experiences bring, I was enthusiastic and excited for my class and I got the ‘living on the edge’ feeling which is outrageously smashing. Will I go to the HIIT class again? Most definitely. This experience has added a dose of excitement in my journey called life and was a great reality check reminding me that I must continue to show immense gratitude for all the little moments in our life that make this ride on earth such a sensational one.

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