Let’s talk about the ‘F’ word shall we?

Fear. We give it way too much importance, we let it dominate us, more than any other feeling. It’s a vicious circle. We even fear fear. It scares our socks off. We allow fear to conquer our life more than we let feelings like confidence or happiness take over. We end up fearing things that will probably never happen and shelf our possible happy ending just because of one emotion, fear. We make decisions based on our fears, we allow fear to limit us, and there’s a chance that we end up with a bucket of regrets, only because we let fear win. Ironically, that’s what we should fear the most. When you look at it this way it’s clear that we’re giving fear way to much power and truthfully, it isn’t even fear’s fault! We’re the ones giving fear this control, because let’s face it, fear is just another good old feeling, and although it feels like a scary monster, it isn’t. Fear is merely a trigger we feel when there are instances are actions coming our way that are beyond our control. It’s not fear’s fault we’re putting it in the spotlight and turning it into our master. That’s on us.

Face your fear.

Here’s what works. Allow fear to be part of your journey, politely acknowledge its presence but firmly show fear that you’re the one in control. Don’t tell it to go away, don’t wish you were fearless, just keep fear where it belongs, in the back seat. You’re the driver of your life adventure, fear is just one of the guests featuring in your ride. It has permission to give its two cents worth but that’s about it. Fear doesn’t have the casting vote. You do.

Your magic trick

When fear starts to creep in, replace it with faith. Ask it to move over and give faith a chance, you’ll be amazed to see that faith is powerful enough to knock fear right out of the way. Try it. It’s worth a shot.

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