Living a pregnancy lifestyle.

(A blog post dedicated to women who aren’t expecting child)

Ever wonder why the majority of us transform into super extra healthy ladies solely when we’re pregnant? Now, I’m not talking about the occasional glass of wine or the good old sushi night out — it’s not about indulging once in a while, it’s about our whole lifestyle. Think about it. The minute we find out we’re pregnant we start exercising, eat more leafy greens, drink our daily 2–3 litres of water, throw away all detergents, stock up on the nuts, sleep more, stop the alcohol, quit the cigarettes, find time to relax and we might even find comfort in meditation and yoga. We become healthy goddesses, radiant and ever so beautiful.

The thing is, most of us are doing all this exclusively for our child, which on one hand shows the unconditional and endless love we have for our twinkle, but on the other hand shouldn’t stop after pregnancy or not start because we’re not expecting child. So the question is — what if these healthy practices had to be part of our lifestyle irrelevant if we’re pregnant or not? If women are capable of switching to healthy mode for nine months why should it stop or why can’t we follow a typical pregnancy diet, even if we’re not planning to have a child?

Self-love dear sisters, this is what it’s all about. Taking good care of our mind, body and soul and nourishing ourselves just because we love to be healthy and because we cherish life for the great gift that it is. Self-love, because we deserve to be gorgeous goddesses no matter our age, race or nationality. Self-love because we are the women who empower young females to power the world.

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