Living up to the social media perception we create.

How many times have you seen the following quotes splashed all over social media? ‘Every new day is a blessing’, ‘If you can dream it you can do it’, ‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started’ — we post these deep and meaningful quotes because we want to inspire social media friends and followers — great, but do we truly mean what we post, do we practice what we preach? or are we trying to inspire everyone else before re-directing inspiration to ourselves?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not judging, nor am I pointing fingers but, as I linger on social media I see so many inspiring quotes and motivational thoughts which hit home and I wonder if all those constantly posting quotes on social media are living by their words or just trying to create a perception for themselves — a perception which isn’t necessarily based on their truth. Think about it — if all the people posting inspirational words and pictures had to truly be living by what they say — oh gosh, the world would really be full of rainbows, unicorns and shining stars — and nothing else…. could we be under the social media spell, struck by the power of online fame, and are not giving ourselves time to really soaking the true value and meaning of the quotes we share?

Think about it. Do we truly, madly, deeply understand and try and implement our quotes to our own lives or are we just after giving the impression that we’re mindful, wise and ever so peaceful? Do we take the time to select a quote or a phrase and try and adapt it to our own life and put it to the test before we splash it on social media for the world to see? Here’s a perfect ‘for instance’ moment which might hopefully turn into an a-ha for some of you.

‘In order to succeed you must first believe that you can’ (said Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis) — We’ve seen this posted on social media millions of times. Do the people sharing this really believe Nikos’ words, or is this quote intended to make them look like they’re on top of things? Are the thousands of people sharing this really believe, or at least trying to believe in their own strengths and powers? (wouldn’t that just be completely fabulous if they are?). Are we taking the time to understand what we’re communicating before we actually press ‘share’? Do we think of those precious words constantly during the day and turn that social media post into our daily mantra? or are these trendy posts (which have turned into a 21st century fad) just meant to make us look in control and like we’re true leaders or our own life?

So just consider this…. before posting your next deep quotation, take the time to read it a couple of times and tap into your feelings, see how your wise words hit home. Try and cherish the magical words and incorporate what you’re sharing to your own life. Don’t just post for people, post for you. It’s great that you’re trying to save, motivate, inspire and encourage the world but, it would be even more heroic if you let your selected words save, motivate, inspire and encourage yourself. Call this exercise your act of self-love and watch your own life transform into the perception you might have already created. Try it, it truly works