Meet Maria Muscat

The ‘Extraordinary Women’ Collection

When it comes to extraordinary women, well dear sisters, we’re spoilt for choice. The universe is introducing us to females who make us feel incredibly proud, individuals who are determined, fierce and self-less, women who love deeply, have hearts of gold and inspire us to follow our dreams, conquer our fears and love with all our heart.

The media has shined a light on Maria as Bjorn Formosa’s true love and rock and today, right here, we get to discover what makes this amazing being such an incredible gift to the world. In a nutshell, she’s a beautiful person with a kind heart, she’s got the qualities of one amazing fierce female and we’re blessed to welcome her to the HighwaytoHappy tribe.

A friendly word of warning - listening to Maria Muscat will move you, her replies to our questions are her truth. She is gentle, reserved and soft-spoken yet ever so candid, powerful and brave. She listens intently, she’s calm and is a pleasure to be around for she makes everyone around her feel taken care of, loved and comforted.

Your love story has touched the hearts of thousands of people. What can people learn from your story?

One should learn to literally live life, enjoy doing what really makes them happy, make memories, stand tall when you listen to your heart, be less materialistic or please people by being perfectly made up at all costs.

What are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful to have a real loving mother who has sacrificed her whole life to see me and my sister happy and to just a few great friends who were always present in times of need.

What has the journey to true love taught you?

This journey has taught me that although it may come when you least expect it, with all its ups and downs, misunderstandings and all, one should look deeply within ones real happiness and follow through no matter what is surrounding you. I have learnt to be more patient and accept and face fears.

A captivating interview which makes our heart warm and gives us hope. So if you’re taking for granted your loved ones, if you’re impatient and nervous with the people who love you most, Maria’s story will help you snap out of it, it’s the cold bucket of ice you clearly need.

Here’s how we can make a difference

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