Ready to be powerful?

Typically, when we label a woman as being powerful we are describing her strength, ability to conquer and achieve anything she sets her mind to.

Most of the time we associate the term ‘powerful’ to career oriented women who dedicate their life to the male dominated corporate world. Our perception of power is equal to the image of a strong, bad ass female who won’t stop at nothing. In a nutshell, we use the word power to describe women who are fierce lionesses, females who do not take no for an answer, women who fight their way to the top, women who don’t take no for an answer. We automatically use the term ‘powerful’ to describe women who are ambitious, over-achievers who rock the world, leaders in skirts, who boldly rule and always get what they want, the powerful women we always want to have in our corner because, God forbid we had to get in their way. These ‘powerful’ women do deserve a round of applause, and I am no way trying to take away the credit they deserve, all I am saying is that there is more to the term ‘powerful’ which deserves acknowledgment. There’s another meaning of power which we tend to shove to the side.

The true powerful ones.

Let’s talk about the powerful women who allow themselves to be their true selves. The women who show power, because they embrace who they are, and show the world that they stand to be counted. Let’s shine a light on power and define it to be the moments when we are brave enough to let our heart and soul lead the way, the times when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, for these are the times when we are truly fierce. Let’s talk about the power which can never be taken away from us — the ‘power to be’, because this is the highest form of true power.

Those of us who are blessed enough to understand that living authentically is really the most powerful act of all, are the ones who deserve our greatest admiration, they are the women that continue to silently conquer. The women who celebrate themselves, acknowledge their weaknesses and face their fears, are the females who deserve to be described as the powerful ones.

The truth is that no matter where we’ve been and where we are today, even if we’re at rock bottom, we must remember that we all have the innate ability to be powerful women. There is no age, place or time when our ability to be powerful will go away. The gift of authenticity is the power which can never be taken away from us, it is there whenever we are ready.

So cheers to us all, for we are the ordinary powerful women who are the ones doing extraordinary things, we can start to call ourselves powerful as soon as we recognize how amazing we really are.

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