Self-love on a joyride. Time for Happy Hour

Whoever came up with the idea of happy hour was borderline genius. Isn’t it brilliant? A full 60mins dedicated to happy. Now, granted, happy hour is an hour dedicated to half price booze implying that booze will give us the happy boost we’re looking for BUT (and I’m going out on the limb here) what if we had to start to apply happy hour to other areas of our life? Imagine an official happy hour at school, work, home — you name it. An international hour dedicated to happy time where anything that really makes us happy is available in abundance. It’s like self-love on a joyride.

Come on now…. we really should! Imagine everyone all over the world stopping at 7.00pm sharp for an hour of happy. Wouldn’t it be just fabulous? It’s not impossible you know….. we just haven’t tuned ourselves or made a habit of dedicating time or scheduling space for happy, this is why we find the concept of our very own happy hour to be strange. It’s the getting started that holds us back, but come on female warriors let’s be brave.

So like all big shifts, let’s start slow. Let’s schedule happy hour once, twice or if you’re feeling really bold three times a week. Block an hour and pencil in anything that makes you happy and celebrate your very own happy hour. Commit to your happy hour and it will commit back and give you so much joy, energy and rejuvenation you’ll find yourself celebrating happy hour without even planning it.

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