The ‘I’ll be happy when….’ syndrome

The ‘I’ll be happy when…’ syndrome is definitely in the top three most common list of syndromes that hits people of all ages, genders and walks of life. You know what I’m referring to … right? It’s all the times when we schedule potential happiness to kick in once we achieve or obtain something. It’s kind of when we play this wicked tantalizing game of denying ourselves from being happy because in our mind we haven’t yet reached our goal. Basically, it’s also sort of like when a toddler throws a tantrum — ‘I won’t eat my vegetables if you don’t let me watch TV’ translated to ‘I won’t be happy if I don’t win the lottery’ - Sounds embarrassingly familiar? Are you finding yourself grinning only because you’ve just realized that you’re suffering from this syndrome too? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

First of all, this syndrome has nothing to do with setting personal goals or targets. We’re not asking you to stop dreaming! Actually, we’re big fans of crafting steps leading to accomplishments. We’re merely suggesting that you recognise that you should be happy here and now, and not tomorrow or whenever. Here and now is your only guarantee so we figure it’s high time you embrace it.

You probably tell yourself, I’ll be happy when …. I’m married, I get a six figure income, I leave my job, I have a baby, I find my soul-mate, I win the lottery — these are just a few examples, the feeling of happiness doesn’t really fall for our bribes. The problem of the very common syndrome is that when you try and link your happiness to a future goal, you are only shifting the opportunity to experience happiness for something which is not 100% for sure. You see, more than likely, when you do finally achieve your goal. you’ll just set more goals and link them to your happiness again, meaning that at this rate, your chance of feeling joy is highly unlikely because your feeling of happiness is always tied to your future rather than your present.

You choose not to be happy today because you haven’t yet started to understand just how lucky you actually are. You constantly focus on your tomorrow, you are more interested in what the people around you are accomplishing and you are not giving the universe its well-deserved pat on the back and heartfelt thanks showing that you are worthy of so much more goodness coming your way.

Happiness dear sister, can only be found within. Anything external will not give you happiness and the thought that it can is just a downright lie because how can anything materialistic come close to satisfying your heart and soul?The universe gives us hundreds of reasons to experience joy each and every day and all we have to do is catch these moments before they fly by us ignored. So, let’s celebrate today, let’s focus on our now and find all the little hidden joys popping into our lives. Let’s stop saying ‘I’ll be happy when’ and start being happy now. This is our wish for you.

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