The place for yoga, the space I love.

One of my great love affairs started at the Lotus Room, so undeniably, this place will always have a very special place in my heart because it is where I was introduced to what has given me the mental and physical strength and serenity which we all want and need — in other words, it’s where my yoga practice began.

Words can’t really explain the magnetic pull this place has — it draws you in. It’s the space which celebrates extremes — it’s raw yet so refined, tranquil yet has a powerful energy, it has the heart and soul of a ninety year old mentor and the happy-go-lucky spirit of a energetic teen. Yes it’s the sort of place you can easily get addicted to, and it’s the type of space which we all need to find at one stage of our journey. It’s a treasure, and has become the comfortable go-to space for yogis of all ages and levels, individuals coming from all walks of life, people who have many stories and experiences which are connected through the practice of yoga. The serene ambiance, the collection of treasures, the hanging art, warm colour scheme, delicious fragrances and intriguing memorabilia give my favourite sacred space ever so much charm and character, it’s really the ‘home away from home’, the little piece of heaven we all wish to stumble on.

If you’re intrigued to pop over, or curious to discover the greatness of yoga, the Lotus Room’s collection of yoga classes and training programmes delivered by the inspirational yogipreneur Jennifer Cortis, then get ready for a mix of mantra, philosophy, asana and pranayama in a wonderful divine space you’ll never want to leave.

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