The truth about the midlife crisis

We’ve been monkey trained to practically assume that at one point or another we will wake up and presto, just like magic our midlife crisis will suddenly begin. This crisis, set to happen mid way through our life, has transformed into quite a phenomenon however, in my bubble our perception of it is completely wrong.

Understanding The Midlife Crisis

A midlife crisis is the universe’s way of reminding us that time is ticking, the world basically decides to get our attention and tells us to stop stealing our own joy, and it says this to us so very loudly and clearly by what we define to be a ‘midlife crisis’. So really and truly, a midlife crisis is the point when we decide to start to live the life we have always desired, the lifestyle that we dream of yet never actually initiated, it’s the turning point which will lead us to start living bravely, bold and authentically. The dreaded midlife crisis is really a blessing in disguise, for it provokes us to express our truth and live the story we are destined to carve for ourselves. Unfortunately, we’ve turned it into a condition we all fear!

So dear sisters, stop dreading that you or your partner will wake up to find that your mid-life crisis has just begun. The truth is, do everything in your power to experience your midlife crisis as soon as possible, for we all need to get the ‘midlife crisis’ slap in the face reality check, we desperately need the midlife crisis bucket of freezing ice cold water to drop on our heads asap because, until it does, we’re probably wasting so much time and are living a mundane life which is a waste.

Welcome your mid-life crisis with open arms, dream that your mid-life crisis will start sooner rather than later. It will pull you out of your comfort zone and will be the start of an unraveling journey full of passion, spirit, zest and joy. It’s the wake up call that will stop us from pressing the snooze button we find to be comfortable and ever so boring.

Midlife crisis please please visit us all soon.

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