The curve ball that got be thinking.

Just this afternoon, a dear friend of mine threw me a curve ball that caught me off-guard. Here’s what she said —

‘All this talk about happy. I can’t find it in me to label myself according to my feelings, because they are forever changing. I can’t say I’m happy and I can’t say I’m not, I’m living my journey which includes a whirlwind of emotions, the raw dark moments are deep and make my life richer so I don’t want to solely be happy, that would be a waste and it wouldn’t be my truth’

Wow. Her words struck me. In one way they made complete and entire sense and yet at the same time they jarred. I’ve always been an ambassador for happy, yet, I got her point. There and then I realized that we all have a different interpretation for the word happy — some of us see it as grateful, appreciative and content, for others happy means a bubbly loud constant cheer which could be interpreted by truth-tellers as superficial and fake. I started to wonder how all the people I’ve ever encountered interpreted my use of the word happy and I figured it’s time for me to define what here at HighwaytoHappy, we mean by the word happy.

HighwaytoHappy’s definition of Happy

In the HighwaytoHappy book happy means contentment. When we use the word happy we mean that we are appreciating our now, we are grateful of our journey and acknowledge all that has come our way. For all this, yes, we are happy. Our state of happy is a place where we show complete acceptance of who we are — our flaws, our strengths our entire being. We are happy because we know that our future will include a myriad of emotions and we are ready to embark on any adventure life brings. By no means are we implying that everything is a ball 24x7, because frankly, it’s not. So to wrap it up, we use the word happy even when things aren’t that great, only because we can understand that everything we experience will lead us to the place we should be. So in one weird way or another, through our pain, sadness, anger and anguish we still seem to use the word happy because we appreciate each and every breath and we are truly ‘happy/content/grateful/appreciative’ to be on this planet.

Special thanks to my dearest friend who shined a light on how frivolous throwing around the word happy might sound. Thanks to her, next time we use the word happy, you’ll know what we mean.

Lessons Learnt & Shared

  • When we don’t communicate, we could risk not being understood only because of the way we interpret words. Listening is also part of communication.
  • We are forever grateful to have women in our life who are brave enough to walk their talk and have the incredible ability to sprinkle words that make us think.

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