The Yoga & Ayurveda Detox you’re craving

The ‘Things I Love’ Series

Self Love, the gift my latest Yoga & Ayurveda Detox has given me and dear sisters, I couldn’t have wished for anything better. You see, I started this journey without any grand expectations. I merely wanted to learn, delve deep in the world of Ayurveda and make this experience a sacred time for me to connect with my inner self. I wasn’t after any drastic transformations — I just wanted time to be, I wanted my mind, body and spirit to unite and this is precisely what magically happened thanks to the the talented, soulful and divine yogipreneur and owner of The Lotus Room Jennifer Cortis.

Today, I’d like to share just a few favourite lessons which I have continued to practice beyond the scheduled two weeks of detox. These nuggets of wisdom have now become part of my morning and evening practices — these special rituals have given my day a beginning and an end. They are the true self-love lessons that we should pass on to our younger generation of daughters, sisters and young female friends. Dear HighwaytoHappy sisters, here are my favourite self-love practices, I hope they become yours too.

From my daily lemon, ginger and turmeric celebration in a cup to the highest and simplest form of self love to the glorious practice Abyanga which is the head-to-toe oil self massage which gives a sense of stability & warmth — a true authentic expression of self love. From my time on my yoga mat which gives power, focus and strength to morning and evening meditation sessions which set the tone and give the discipline to allow the mind to peacefully rest. From the ancient Ayurveda oral detoxification procedure oil pulling which introduces us to the gift of silence to the wonderful world of pranayama, the formal practice of controlling our breath — our source of vital life force. These are just a few of the practices which have become the sacred rituals I cherish.

True self love practices, give us time to allow our mind to slow down and relax, they give us back the power that we tend to lose because we’re frantically juggling our way from one task to the next. Sisters please, please show commitment, determination and love to yourself. Be gentle and patient, for self-love is sacred and is ultimately the greatest investment you can ever make. When times get tough, when tragedy strikes, in challenging moments, no matter how great your support system is, the most important relationship you have to cherish is your connection with your inner self so make it your journey.

Hop over to The Lotus Room FB page here or check our the website for the latest news, classes, events, updates and workshops. You’ll fall in love with this authentic magical space just like I have. Namaste xx

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