What my thirties have taught me.

I wish I had the magical powers to just press pause on life and indulge in the beauty of this incredible decade. I’m finally comfortable in my own skin, unapologetic for who I am and what I stand for and so joyous. Just like a kid in a candy store, my eyes look at life curiously, energetically and ever so passionately. Here are the five greatest life lessons I have learnt in my thirties.

Letting Go

I have learnt how to let go of people, feelings and situations which do not serve me. I have offloaded the heaviness of my heart, my regrets, my mistakes. I’ve said goodbye to all that has hurt me for I have realized that my emotional scares just give me so much more depth and make it so much more of an intriguing interesting being, uniquely beautiful — for this, I am thankful. I now realise that in the same way I forgive others I can finally also forgive myself too. I have claimed my power back.


In my thirties I have been given the gift of gratitude. I now start and end my day thinking of all that I am lucky enough to have. Love has transformed into such a powerful force for the individual I have chosen to be my side is really ‘my person’ — ‘my one’ — and accepts me for who I have evolved into. My heart is full of gratitude and love, I constantly acknowledge the thousands of little blessings which burst into my life at random moments.

The Universe

In my thirties I have opened my eyes to the beauty of nature and I have complete and total admiration for Mother Earth who continues to give us unconditional love and nourishes us. I know now that the Universe has my back and that there is nothing that comes my way that I cannot handle. My life is a testimony that things can go south and that in the same way, they can be great too, so I owe it to myself to live my truth and discover the joys of living.

The now

The best thing about being in my thirties has been that I understand that time is extremely precious — tomorrow is not guaranteed, even the next five minutes aren’t a sure thing. When life throws me a curve ball all I have to do is listen to my heart beat, observe my breath and I quickly smile for I am alive. I have recognised the beauty of the now and the magic of the present moment. I have finally understood that I am not entitled, actually I am blessed.

Self Love

In the decade of my thirties, I finally started to open my eyes to seeing just how important it is for me to take extra special care of myself — not just physically but also emotionally. My daily yoga, meditation and gratitude practices are rituals which I cherish deeply for they are what connect me my core. I am mindful of my feelings and I honor my body, mind, heart and soul. I cherish all my experiences for they have led me to be the woman I am today. I give myself permission to radiate and let my true me shine irrespective of what anyone thinks. Vulnerability is the most life changing and life affirming aspect of my life and it’s also been the most precious gift I have been given.

Life keeps getting juicier in so many different ways and I can’t wait to see where this incredible adventure called life will take me next. In case you’re wondering — the thirties rock.

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