When we say yes and mean no.

(Inspired by a super soul, a fierce female and an amazing mentor)

Does the word ‘yes’ roll out of your mouth before you have actually had time to digest what you really want to do? Or are you one of those lovely ever so sweet chicks who says yes even if deep down, you’d love to say no, but just don’t know how? It’s almost like no isn’t in your vocabulary isn’t it? You know who you are, trust me there are so many of us — it’s kind of part of how the majority of us are wired, you see, blurting out no is extraordinary painful.

So truth number one — does this sound anything like you? Secondly, why do you think you’re not capable of saying no? Is it because you want to feel needed and wanted, do you want to keep the people around you happy and comfortable even at the cost of having to pend over backwards for no particular reward? Or could it be that throughout the years society has made women feel that we are obliged to put ourselves second and therefore yes just naturally pops out? Think, about it.

The Consequences

When we say yes and really mean no, we’re going against the wishes of our heart. We’re comprising our plans for something that we hadn’t planned or intended. We are shifting our intentions and goals and putting our original plans second (or third) because let’s face it, you might be a superstar juggler but at one point or another something has to give. We’re human.

Let’s spin this trait into a positive!

If you’re an ‘aim to please’ type of gal this perspective might come in handy. Instead of focusing on our weaknesses, let’s be grateful for our loving generous heart and spin this round into a superstar lesson!

Hand on your heart, you’ll probably always be one of those beautiful souls who will say yes to make other people’s life easier or happier, you’re programmed this way and changing is close to impossible although now that you’ve figured out your weakness you’re determined to be more mindful.

So try this out! Just like you swiftly say yes to others, try and say yes to yourself a bit more often as well! So picture it, if your body, mind and soul start craving a dose of self-love then say yes just as fast as you would say yes to your loved one. Say yes and follow through. Say yes and commit to your word just like you would commit to any loved one or friend.

If you really must say yes all the time then find it in you to say yes to yourself too and know that you’re a gorgeous gal with a heart of gold.

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