Which way will you sway on election day?

There are those who show undivided loyalty and faith to their chosen party, there are others who take the time to actually listen to what is being said and are now ready to make a decision based on the facts presented. Then there are the ones who are completed lost. They are confused, literally have no clue which way they will sway on election day. They’re the ones focusing on the good, bad, and ugly and are at a stand-still for they are playing tug-of-war, listening to an overflow of media reports and will only decide if and when they are standing in silence waiting for their turn to vote. To all those who feel like they’re in the middle of a battle-field, for those of you feeling t overwhelmed, these carefully crafted unbiased words are for you.

Eliminate all the noise

Take a step back, turn off the media, eliminate all the noise and take the time to be in your own peace. Everyone has an agenda and you are smart enough to know that what you are being presented is not necessarily the ultimate truth. Tune into your wisdom, stop judging and start understanding what really is going on.

Listen to your intuition

Give some attention to the little voice that whispers quietly and will only be heard if you give it permission. Most of the times we know what’s right, our intuition speaks to us loud and clear and we pretend that we’re not hearing it just because we don’t necessarily agree with the direction our inner voice is pointing. Stop blocking your inner voice for it’s your greatest guide.

Conduct a quick life audit

Don’t feel guilty or ashamed for giving your own personal losses and gains some well deserved attention, just don’t fall into the trap of letting your results dictate your ultimate decision. The trick is to see the bigger picture, look into the future and give weight to what’s best for the nation. Ultimately your happiness, growth and prosperity also depends on how content, satisfied and taken care of the people you are surrounded with are.

and finally….

Don’t chicken out! Don’t panic or throw a tantrum, don’t choose not to vote because you will be doing this country and yourself a disservice. Dedicate time to think, show love, commitment and passion to the greater good and walk confidently to the voting hall with your head held high, your right to vote is your power, use it.

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