What the heck is going on with JavaScript?

(this is something I started to write 3 months ago, and just said ‘F. it’ and hit publish, sorry.)


I guess that part of the reason so many people express distaste or even woe at the prospect of writing a new app with some of the latest libraries and using all of the newest language features is that, there seems to be many paths which lead to relatively similar ends.

If this is the case, should I just pick a build tool arbitrarily? Am I entering in to a labyrinthine path of decision making where too many unknowns (which might simply be the implementation details of a couple of libraries), makes the ability to accurately predict timeframes of work — if that be our goal, and often with client work, it is.

Do I use a boilerplate? Which boilerplate? Why do seemingly no browser vendors support ES6 Modules? It’s in the language specification! Why doesn’t Rollup have source maps?

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