On Returning to Normalcy … What Is That?
Ted Rheingold

I know I’m one of many people out here who’ve been willing this to be the next update. I’m sure it’s taken every form from crossed fingers to sending positive vibes to healing prayers to simple refusal to believe that you’re going anywhere any time soon. And then there’s the amazing and inspiring way you’ve responded to this whole cancer thing. A doctor associate of mine told me once that most doctors she’d ever talked to about it acknowledged that the attitude of the patient seems to correlate very closely with the speed and completeness of recovery. It’s uncomfortable and deemed “unscientific" to say so though, so she and her colleagues would tend to stay quiet about it. It’s good to know you Ted, and to be uplifted and inspired by your words and your way of being with what you’ve gone through this year. I’m going to email you about my interest in “supporting criminal justice reform and ex-prison entrepreneurialism and employment.”