Elephone S8||Triple Bezel Less,Curved Display Smartphone from Elephone!ᴴᴰ Hello Viewers, Today i am talking a little about Elephone S8 smartphone. Elephone is going to Launch Triple-bezel-less display Smartphone Named Elephone S8 which was launched in previous by Xiaomi and Sharp. But According To Elephone Their New Upcoming Smartphone Elephone S8 is not only featured by the bezel-less, curved display or the lumia-wave.It has also 128GB super large storage or the Deca-core processor.But Also Innovative fingerprint design and amazing Camera .Now we are just waiting what actually Are Coming With Elephone S8 Subscribe My Channel : https://goo.gl/9vL1iN Find Me on Social Media : ✯Facebook :☞ http://ift.tt/2b21j0S ✯Twitter :☞ https://twitter.com/neotechreview ✯Pinterest :☞ http://ift.tt/2bizUVp ✯Instagram :☞ http://ift.tt/2b21bP0 ✯Google+ : ☞http://ift.tt/2gRTjRa

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