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I enjoyed your article far more than I thought I would when I started — great write-up. I made sure to drop the link to your article in his latest Facebook post as you suggested, “just because”. Great write-up, thanks for posting, and you’ve gained a new reader here.

I partially stopped reading Facebook because of how often I’d run across these click-bait “articles” by guys like Mikey who’ve figured out the way to funnel micro-spans of attention on the internet into ad/whatever revenue so they can look successful, then divert that same “success” into more click-bait articles about that “success”. That doesn’t make them “marketing gurus”, real “entrepreneurs”, or even valuable in a larger societal sense, no matter how wealthy they become, and it’s disingenuous to people with real talent in any given area. He might be smart, he might enjoy what he does, he might even be “gifted” in the area he focuses on, but that’s only part of the equation for actual talent, which also demands time, dedication, and focus to cultivate and develop. Stealing other people’s work, aside from the fact that it’s morally disgusting, shows that he cares less about his craft than he does about the very thing he suggests isn’t the most important — money.

Well done.

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