des/cent from dis/grace….#dont try this at home……..part 1.

^i decided the wall was my canvas,44 weeks on the run from the police, high meth use daily for 10 months .cooked.,every day.^

/so…”.how the fuck did it come to this?”, i thought as i woke up with half my body still inside the back of my black supercharged holden , and the other half laying on the bitumen…./ i was surrounded by police officers searching my pockets and and the car.. 2010 i think ,, the night prior i remember sitting at jasons table pretending i was cool enough to inject meth amphetamine…” were not in cansas anymore toto!”

So within the last eight years ive almost literally been through hell and back,, {SEPT.3RD/2015/TODD WILLIAM DOUGLAS/CHARGED AND CONVICTED of MANUACTURE A PROHIBITED DRUG namely METH-AMPHETAMINE/SENTENCE-2YRS/} ive walked through the valley of the shaddow of death,and feared no evil,