Avoiding Meltdowns with the Help of Preventive Maintenance

Meltdowns are not only irritating; they should be considered the big cause of concern because they can become permanent feature of your child. Sometimes, it’s the meltdowns that make parents to go into ‘fight or flight’ mode, which is never ideal in any aspect of parenting.

The ideal solution for the meltdowns here is preventive maintenance. What is preventive maintenance? We can take car as an example in this regard. What happens to your car when you don’t fill the gas, change oil and do proper tuning of it? It is certainly going to breakdown sooner. Parenting works the same way. If you don’t fill the love tank of your child consistently, you can raise the possibility of your child to develop a permanent habit of meltdowns. The chances of this kind of treatment are quite higher when you have a new baby in home and that baby receives all of the attention, leaving the elder child comparatively unattended.

The unattended car enters in the breakdown lane where the options of car’s revival are quite limited. Same is the case with a child. So, if you have some ongoing issues with your child, you can ask an expert regarding things that you can do to avoid the child going into breakdown lane.

With that said some preventive maintenance tips are worth mentioning here.


Empathy should be the default feature of you when it comes to dealing with your child. Sometimes, children just want to feel being understood. Empathy is the best way of doing it. When you show empathy to your kid, the kid gets closer to you and that forms a connection between you two. This emotional support helps the kid to regulate his/her emotions in the better way, letting the kid to feel being empowered over the extreme emotions which usually lead the children towards tantrums and meltdowns.

Daily roughhousing

All an anxious child would want a good laugh in order to get back to normal. Surely you can do that as a parent. You just need to roughhouse with your kid on regular basis. There is no special time required for this activity. Whenever you get free, get close to your kids and make them giggle with some disorderly play.

Welcome extreme emotions

Although you don’t want your kids to have frequent meltdowns, your child would need some of them in order to learn about managing emotions. You don’t have to do anything about it as those emotions come automatically. All you need to do is to help your kid in learning about managing emotions by not helping him completely about it. However, you will have to make sure that those meltdowns are not causing embarrassment for you. For this reason, you can schedule the meltdowns or you can change your plan regarding what you are doing or going to do.

One thing should be there as a default factor when you face your kid, i.e. empathy. By showing empathy, you will be able to think differently and in a better way about your child. Hence, you will be able to act upon the preventive maintenance options in a keener way.