Propaganda & Moles: What We’ve Learned from the Wikileaks So Far
Tony Brasunas

While I agree with many things you’ve written. Your implication that the DNC chose to elevate Donald Trump alone, is lying by omission. The campaign strategy by the CC was to elevate the candidates that would be easiest to beat. Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Many “progressive” media writers are using this same omission to create an implied relationship between Clinton and Trump. It’s infuriating technique I’ve seen throughout this election cycle, but mainly on the Republican side. It’s called lying by omission in order to paint the strongest narrative in your favor, but it is still lying. Of course, any campaign would want to put their candidate opposite other candidates that are the easiest to beat, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s an excellent strategy, but to imply Trump was the only candidate given that treatment gives the complete wrong impression. Progressives should be better than that and not stoop to this sort of manipulation they accuse others of.

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