5 Health Benefits of Jack In The Box’s Original Iced Coffee and Why You Should Drink It Daily

Plastic cup o’ magic y’all.

If you’re not already sippin’ — go ahead and take this time to go to Jack In The Box and pick up one of these delightful babes. Sip n’ learn. We’ll wait for you to get back.


Let’s sip.

  1. Take a sip. This drink has 85 milligrams of sodium. Your body is using this sodium for enzyme operations and muscle movements. This is a very, very essential cup of joy you’re holding.
  2. Now, take a big sip. This drink has 273 milligrams of potassium. Can’t believe it — can you? This info is straight from Jack’s website. Anywho, the potassium flowing down your throat is helping you to prevent stroke, blood pressure, and kidney disorders. Right. This. Second.
  3. Take a mini sip. The milk in this drink gives it 3 grams of protein. This is not only helping to build muscle, but also with weight loss. You’re essentially on Atkins right now as you drink this gold. Not to mention this drink is mostly water. Clear skin, healthy hair, anyone?
  4. Take another mini sip. We have to conserve our treasure (and we know you cheated too, brat). This coffee in drink is lowering your risk of liver disease. You’re going to live a long, long life honey.
  5. Gulp the rest down if you have any left. Now, wait for the ice to melt and drink that coffee-tinged water. Why does it kinda taste good? We don’t know — maybe because it reminds of the good times of a full cup. The water in the ice is going to your brain and helping you to build new neurotransmitters. Slow down Einstein!

You’re done. See how easy health is? Take five deep and slow breaths. You’ve improved your health drastically. See you at Jacks!