First off, let me start by saying that it’s great you’ve found something you love and, and even…
Nicholas Fasolt

Oh, I completely agree, with your statement about computer science not being the same thing as programming but not that I am not learning computer science. The information and the resources out there are not just for programming in general or in my case, focusing on web development, they are actually for computer science.

The free options for computer science are extensive things like EDx’s CS50, Coursera’s cs101 and not to mention the various resources like MIT’s OCW — Scott Young you might have heard of him, or not, did the entire MIT computer science curriculum in a year, and while it wasn’t cheap it was a fraction the cost. I realize this is a bit intense, but I (and everyone else) can learn computer science online… they just may not have a degree to show for it.

The resources exist to teach yourself computer science, whether online for free, or a fraction of that of a four-year school or full masters program. This article was more about the free options catching up to the paid options, and in this case me having the ability to leave something I was not completely into because of the financial pains I would go through. Obviously though some of those things you get in school may not be the exact same thing but it may be close enough.

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