Kira Reed Lorsch wins a Lifetime Achievement Award at NVIFF!

The American Emmy Winning Producer, Actress and Writer Kira Reed Lorsch wins a Lifetime Achievement Award at NVIFF in Amsterdam. Kira Reed began her career after graduating from the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television. She enjoyed a prolific career on-camera, including a 10-year stint as a reporter/producer for Playboy. Her break out role at Playboy was hosting the educational show Sexcetera. She also starred on Amazon Prime’s The Bay as “Jo Connors”, for which she received a 2018 Daytime Emmy acting nomination and will appear as “Gwendolyn Ross” in the new comedy Wild Wild Yogis. Her latest feature film is the multiple-award winning feature Acts of Desperation . Kira spends her time giving back to numerous charitable organizations, through the Robert H. Lorsch Foundation, including The Thalians: Hollywood For Mental Health raising funds for UCLA Operation Mend. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the California Science Center, home of the Robert H. Lorsch Family Pavilion.

Never judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to Kira Reed Lorsch. There are view people who have had such a career growth as Kira, from Playboy to 2x Emmy Winning Producer. This amazing journey inspired the NVIFF to grant Kira Reed Lorsch a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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