Giving Your Mission A Home: Group Residency at NWS

Pick any day of the week in New York City and you’re bound to find something to do. There are no shortage of events or activities to attend, but do you know where your community is? At NWS, we’re inviting groups of all different shapes, sizes and experiences to come establish their home-base and share their mission.

BYOBook Swap Party by Lana C. Marilyn

Below you’ll find a list of our current group residents that all have a dedicated monthly time & space to hold their events at New Women Space.

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Creative Healing Collective

Creative Healing Collective— led by Meirav Ong and Ariela Yomtovian 
“Our Intention is to provide a safe space for those experiencing loss to process their emotions through creative expression. Our affordable workshops range from yoga and meditation, to painting and writing, to music and dance, and all other creative therapies that fall in between.”

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Well-Read Black Girl

Well-Read Black Girl (WRBG) — led by Glory Edim
Glory Edim is the founder of Well-Read Black Girl, a Brooklyn-based book club and digital platform that celebrates the uniqueness of Black literature & sisterhood. Her book club has met with several award-winning authors including Margo Jefferson, Naomi Jackson, and Angela Flournoy. Well-Read Black Girl’s mission is to increase the visibility of Black women writers and initiate meaningful conversation with readers.

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LAWL (Ladies and Womyn Laughing)

LAWL — led by Arti Gollapudi
L.A.W.L. (Ladies And Womyn Laughing) is a one of a kind monthly Womyn, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming led comedy event held at New Women Space, hosted by choreographer, writer, comedienne, Arti Gollapudi. Each month features a new line-up of talented performers and storytellers.

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Activism at NWS

Activism at NWS — led by Lulu Mickelson
Every month we host donation based workshops, talks, classes and more around ways we can stay active in our local government and beyond. Past events have included postcard writing sessions, speaker discussions around ways to influence your local senators and community boards, learning the in’s and out’s of running for office and ways take action starting today.

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It’s Not Personal

It’s Not Personal —led by Sara Radin and Vanessa Gatinella
“It’s Not Personal creates opportunities for women to share their dating experiences within a positive community and aims to progress society’s conversations around singlehood, relationships and everything in between.”

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Brooklyn Plans

Brooklyn Plans — led by CPA, Kristen Euretig
“We work with today’s women to empower them to take control of their finances. After working in the finance industry with both high net worth clients and low-income New Yorkers, I noticed that there was a gap. Where could everyone else go to work with a certified financial planner?

I created Brooklyn Plans to address the void in the financial planning industry for women in their 20s-early 40s to access reliable, independent financial advice and services.”

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Lady Art Nation

Lady Art Nation — led by Olivia Jane Huffman
“To create a strong network of creative activism nation wide.”
LADY ART NYC is an intersectional feminist collective for creatives in NYC. We are rewriting the traditional role of LADYHOOD hand-in-hand with the intersectional feminist movement.

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Jillian Richardson

Jillian Richardson — Workshops for Freelancers led by Jillian Richardson
“To help aspiring freelancers learn how to improve their skills and make more money. Class ideas: 1) Kickstarting Your Freelance Career 2) Developing Your Brand 3) Creating a Website 4) Improving Your Social Media Presence”

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LBXE by Lana C. Marilyn

LBXE— led by Lana C. Marilyn
“To provide a series of literary events that build community, give a platform for marginalized voices, and foster creative and constructive self expression through literature & writing.”

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The Ripple

The Ripple —led by Dana Suchow, Rachel Cargle, Kennedy Carroll
“A collective of women empowering women to make waves in their communities.” The Ripple connects women with causes that embody their beliefs. And with privilege comes responsibility, specifically a responsibility to let those struggling, not just speak, but be in the driver’s seat.

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Now Get Together led by Amy Zimmer

Now Get Together —led by Amy Zimmer
Amy Zimmer hosts a monthly night of comic intrigue, highlighting dynamic and diverse performers, writers, filmmakers and comedians in New York City. Come for an evening of readings, screenings, stand up, and sketch, all housed within the warm and welcoming atmosphere of New Women Space.

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Bitchcraft — led by Whitney Dublin and Lauren Usher
Bitchcraft is a monthly crafts community for woke crafty betches. Now is the time. This is the hour. Ours is the magic. Ours is the power.

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We are proud to showcase the events of these groups at New Women Space and hope you’ll come out and get to partake in the programming they so thoughtfully design.