Welcoming our third round of group residents to NWS

New Women Space
Aug 29, 2017 · 4 min read

Good news! New Women Space is happy to announce another four months of heart-warming, soul-satisfying programming to get you out of the house to feel the power that community can bring.

Keep your eyes (and calendars) open because the next four months are bound to be informative, hilarious, and creative as the next round of group residents share their experiences and knowhow on a monthly basis. Sign up for our newsletter and follow each of these groups to be the first to know when their next event will be!

New Women Space is once again opening it’s home and widening it’s community to the following groups:


The PLUSH NOCTURNE Series — founded and curated by Avery Leigh’s Night Palace, is an intimate and magical series of performances, with a distinct focus on non-binary and women performers. The series aims to shift our collective attention and resources to folks least centered in public artistic spaces. Performances range from classical chamber ensembles to interdisciplinary performance art; PLUSH NOCTURNE presents a colorful array of genres and mediums coalescing to create vibrant, cohesive, and shimmering evenings of art.


Spoken Black Girl Magazine

Spoken Black Girl Magazine — is an online oasis of mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness for women of color. Here at SBG mag, we’re committed to dispelling the stigma around mental health by provide women of color a space to tell their own stories of pain, growth, and transformation while sharing practical solutions for full mind and body healing.

Spoken Black Girl: Website | Instagram | Facebook

It’s Not Personal

It’s Not Personal — led by Sara Radin and Vanessa Gatinella
“It’s Not Personal creates opportunities for women to share their dating experiences within a positive community and aims to progress society’s conversations around singlehood, relationships and everything in between.”

It’s Not Personal: Instagram | Facebook | Monthly Column on Bust

GlitterMOB Mag

GlitterMOB Mag — A virtual art and literary magazine that began in 2014. GlitterMOB was founded to publish diverse, exciting, and marginalized voices on the digital page. They have always been inspired by the gurlesque artistic movement. They try to publish work that reclaims the idea of “girl” and femininity by having it written in a “campy or overtly mocking way.” They are attracted to work that tackles the norms of what is and is not acceptable in terms of gender and the female form.

GlitterMOB Mag: Website | Instagram

Capoeira Muçurumim

Capoeira Muçurumim — Capoeira Muçurumim’s mission is to focus on the healing, martial, and dance aspects of Capoeira Angola and use Capoeira as a forum to bridge cultural gaps, combat community violence, promote self-empowerment, and healing.

Capoeira Muçurumim: Website

Femme Mâché

Femme Mâché — a documentary zine-making collective of femme identifying thinkers, tinkers, and everything in between. Co-founders Lilian Finckel and Pooja Desai lead zine-making workshops: thorough treatments of different topical issues in which participants engage in deconstructing curated resources through discussion and physical collaging, and reconstructing them as artistic interpretations of texts, written responses, and more. These creations come together in a single compilation, creating a documentary publication.

Femme Mâché: Instagram

Well-Read Black Girl

Well-Read Black Girl (WRBG) — led by Glory Edim
Glory Edim is the founder of Well-Read Black Girl, a Brooklyn-based book club and digital platform that celebrates the uniqueness of Black literature & sisterhood. Her book club has met with several award-winning authors including Margo Jefferson, Naomi Jackson, and Angela Flournoy. Well-Read Black Girl’s mission is to increase the visibility of Black women writers and initiate meaningful conversation with readers.

Well-Read Black Girl: Website | Instagram | Newsletter

Family Collective

Family Collective —Their mission is to empower families to be a central change-agent in society. They will do this through models based in anti-oppression and feminist leadership models. They want to create opportunities for families to stand together, love one another and believe they can make life better for all.

Family Collective: Website

That Was Fantastic

That Was Fantastic — Amy Zimmer hosts a monthly night of variety, highlighting dynamic comedians, writers, performers and filmmakers in New York City. Come for an evening of readings, screenings, stand up, and sketch, all housed within the warm atmosphere of New Women Space.

It’s the only night where you can walk away knowing…

That Was Fantastic.

That Was Fantastic: Website | Instagram

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