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New Year Bull has made a DeFi version called New Year Bull DeFi

Yes you heard it right, we are giving that out for free, (we love our community).

Video about NYB and NYBD

We are doing a 1:1 Airdrop of our new DeFi Version NYBD to

holder of NYB at 31–12–2020.

All you have to do to qualify and get the Airdrop is to Hold NYB at Etherscan at this date and you will automatically get NYBD for Free.

Our NYBD is currently in Presale and you can get it before that date if you want to be an early adopter and start Staking and earn more NYBD. …

We are Live with Staking and Presale !!!

Name: New Year Bull DeFi

Ticker: NYBD

Digits: 18


Total Max Supply: 2.1 Million


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Buy at Presale: (NO Minimum amount)


After you have bought can you stake the New Year Bull DeFi direct and safe at

You need Metamask to stake and an amount of ETH for gas to pay for the transaction.

New Year Bull DeFi — NYBD + 40000 Community

NYBD is a new DeFi version with a sustainable 50 % yearly reward.

On top of that will we introduce rewards to liquidity providers when we hit Uniswap later this month. …

New Year Bull with the ticker NYB.

This is a step to step guide on how you add liquidity to Uniswap

You need to have both ETH and NYB for the ETH trading-pair.

Step 1. Make sure you have NYB, and some ETH in your Metamask wallet. ETH is needed to pay the transaction fee around 5–6 $.

Step 2. Go to

Step 3. Once you’re there, connect your wallet — you will see a button in the top right corner.

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Step 4. Choose the wallet you want to use to create liquidity out of the given option. We will be using MetaMask.

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Step 5. Once you enter your password and successfully connect to your wallet, click on ‘Add liquidity’.

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