People and industries measure how productive they are in similar ways. This extended period of remote work for many has revealed how flawed that can be.

Illustration: Ben Konkol/The New York Times

Forget the powerful maître d’ of old. Today’s hosts are mostly young, inexperienced women who have to enforce health rules and deal with the sometimes violent response.

Caroline Young says that since the pandemic began she has experienced so much harassment from customers that she recently quit her job as a host at Café Poêtes in Houston. Photo: Annie Mulligan for The New York Times

As Angela Merkel prepares to step down after 16 years as chancellor of Germany, she leaves behind a country profoundly changed — and anxious about changing more

The village of Mauerkirchen in the German state of Bavaria. Photo: Lena Mucha/The New York Times

The digital media company has raised eyebrows for its claims about its audience size for years. Then came the strange voice on the phone.

Screenshot: The Carlos Watson Show via YouTube

The much criticized review showed much the same results as in November, with 99 more Biden votes and 261 fewer Trump ones

Photo: Clay Banks

As they struggle to recruit workers, many owners are raising pay. But some are trying to go deeper, to make their business fairer and more humane.

Dirt Candy, in Manhattan, is one of many restaurants around the country that have created a new pay structure. Every employee receives an hourly wage, starting at $25. Photo: Lanna Apisukh for The New York Times

Human footprints found in New Mexico are about 23,000 years old, a study reported, suggesting that people may have arrived long before the Ice Age’s glaciers melted

A photo provided by David Bustos of fossil footprints at White Sands National Park in New Mexico. Photo: David Bustos via The New York Times

Than Than Htwe and her husband moved to America in hopes of better opportunity for their son. They were greeted with violence instead.

Than Than Htwe. Photo: Natalie Keyssar for The New York Times

A report by a liberal think tank tries to quantify the potential employment gains and losses, concluding that subsidies will be crucial

A report projects that it will take government subsidies focused on developing a domestic supply chain and increasing demand for U.S.-made vehicles to avoid job losses in the transition to electric motors. Photo: Kelsey McClellan for The New York Times

A New York family had good health insurance. But the bills for their daughter’s care started showing up and kept coming.

Brittany Giroux Lane and her husband, Clayton, are still caught in a billing dispute between hospital and insurer after the death of their daughter in 2019. Photo: Kholood Eid for The New York Times

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