For the Love of Film

The truth is I love film. I am a film junky. Like all the way a junky… from the actual film, to the environment, to the smell of popcorn in the air. I love the escapism, the inspiration, the frustration, the emotions that come from watching a film. And I love a dark, theater-style auditorium! I enjoy the experience of being immersed mentally and physically in the film experience. (My fave seat: Top row middle in a theater with at least 10 rows. Love wide screens the best, of course!)

For years now I have been publishing a ranking of all the films I see on the big screen. I limit it to the actual ones in the theater, although I watch films at home, on airplanes, at friends houses… wherever. And if I dig a film, I am not opposed to seeing it two, three, six times. It’s all for the love of film.

This past week, as I published my 2016 listing, a friend asked me, “what are the main components that drive your enjoyment of a movie?” Loved that question.

For me, it’s about being transported. I want to be enraptured by the film so much so, that I forget the world around me. I want to laugh, cry, get angry, giggle, smile, be melancholy. It’s the moments created by the film that are the biggest draw for me. I want to connect and experience emotions — I like the ups and the downs. I find moments in most movies I watch. Although I really love the dramatic ones (can’t lie, love a good cry), I also enjoy the goofy and silly, and everything in between. Just take me away!

And I love an actor that disappears in their role. My favorites do this effortlessly… DiCaprio, Gosling, DeNiro, Pacino, Streep, Blanchett. I don’t see famous faces on screen, but rather, I see Hugh Glass, Sebastian, Jimmy the Gent, Tony Montana, Miranda, Sheba. I want to connect, and that’s what a good actor enables.

As I mentioned above, the environment plays a key role for me too. Although I enjoy being snuggled in a warm blanket on my couch while watching a film, I enjoy being in a theater seat so much more! When I was growing up I loved the thrill of the hunt in finding seats when you got to the theater. (I may have jumped a few seats or two in my day to ensure I got the “good” seats.) But with the advent of reserved seating, movie watching has becoming much more refined, which is great. I LOVE choosing my seats ahead of time. (Lately I’ve been using the Atom app a lot… and really digging it.)

I watch a lot of movies! That sure wont stop. As long as there’s a story to tell, I’m sure I’ll find myself in that middle seat top row, enjoying the love of film.

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