Unveiling the NexaScale Hackathon: Cyber Threat Detection and AI Security

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Hello! If you’re curious about the exciting world of cybersecurity and AI security, we’ve got just the right thing for you. Introducing the NexaScale Hackathon, where we’re delving deep into Cyber Threat Detection and AI Security to empower you with the tools to safeguard the digital landscape.

Breaking Barriers, Building Solutions

In this digital era, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more critical. As technology evolves, so do the tactics of cyber threats. The NexaScale Hackathon challenges you to harness the power of AI and innovative technologies to tackle these threats head-on.

Why Participate?

At NexaScale, we believe that everyone has the potential to make a difference. Regardless of your experience level, this hackathon is an opportunity to:

  1. Learn Something New: Whether you’re a seasoned coder or just starting to dabble in the tech world, this hackathon is the place to learn about AI security and cyber threats. Sharpen your skills and discover exciting new concepts.
  2. Tackle Real Problems: Got a knack for solving puzzles? We’ve got plenty of cybersecurity challenges waiting for your ingenious solutions. Help us make the digital landscape safer against those sneaky cyber threats.
  3. Team Up and Thrive: Innovation thrives when diverse minds come together. Join forces with other tech enthusiasts, share ideas, and create something extraordinary. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.
  4. Make a Difference: Have you ever dreamt of creating something that matters? This is your shot. Your solution might just be the one that revolutionizes cyber threat detection and AI security. Your creativity knows no bounds!
  5. Network: Connect with professionals, mentors, and experts at the forefront of cybersecurity and AI security.

Ready to Dive In? Here’s your roadmap:

By signing up for the Hackathon, you’ll be added to the NexaScale Community.

September 9, 2023: Application Opens: Time to get excited! The doors to the NexaScale Hackathon swing wide open. If you’re eager to tackle cyber threats and explore the power of AI security, this is your chance. Click here to sign up for the hackathon now.

September 26, 2023: Application Closes: The clock is ticking! Make sure you’ve got your brilliant ideas and innovative solutions ready. This is your last day to sign up for the hackathon.

September 29, 2023: All Acceptance Emails Sent Out: The wait is over! Our team will be working hard to review applications and select participants who will be part of this thrilling adventure. Keep an eye on your inbox for your acceptance email.

October 2nd, 2023: Introduction event: This meeting will cover the hackathon rules, timeline, theme and everything you need to know about the hackathon. You will also be assigned to groups during this meetup. You will have a few days to request a group change if necessary.

October 3rd, 2023: Thematic talk on what you will be doing Next

Talk on Information Security by Iretioluwa Akerele, a Cybersecurity Professional with 8+ years of experience in Information Security, Data Privacy, and Regulatory Compliance, will discuss Information Security and future directions. She specializes in Privacy and Identity Management, Incident Response Planning, Vulnerability Management, Risk Governance, and more.

October 3rd — October 17th: Working with group

October 19th: Talk with Hanniel Jafaru, an IT/Cybersecurity expert. He holds leadership positions at HTC Academy and Ham Network Ltd. He enjoys talking about human advancement, amongst other things. More information about this session will be announced.

October 17th — October 20th: Project Should be done

October 20th: Talk on Digital Identity and going towards a “passwordless” world by Andrea Chiarelli, the Principal Developer Advocate at Okta. Andrea Chiarelli is a long-experienced developer and multi-published technical author who is presently working on the Auth0 product, which allows product users to use Auth0 to authenticate and authorize users or consumers of their own products.

October 20th — October 22nd: Finishing touches on project

October 22nd: Talk on Human-AI Collaboration in Cybersecurity: Striking the Right Balance with Nanbann Pwaspo. Pwaspo is a security awareness enthusiast, budding Cybersecurity professional, and ambassador for Cybergirl fellowship.

October 22nd-October 24th: Finishing touches on project.

October 24th: Talk on The Application of AI in Cyber Defence and Offence Terrain by Oluwatola M., an Information Security Engineer at GTCO and former Network and Cybersecurity Engineer at Eat ‘n Go, will lead the session. He specializes in Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Red Teaming, and more. His work includes security assessments of GTCO subsidiaries in various countries and general Red team exercises.

Oct 24th — Oct 26th: Add any necessary last touches to your projects and finish up documentation.

Oct 26th: All project materials due by midnight WAT

Oct 27th — Oct 31st: Judging

Oct 31st: Winners announced (Prizes TBA)

If you’re ready to dive into the world of cyber discovery, there’s no better time to start than now. The NexaScale Hackathon is your platform to learn, innovate, and make a real impact in cybersecurity and AI security. Sign up while you can!

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Written by Cynthia Udoh 🧡




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