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Friends is the beloved 90s sitcom with a memorable group of characters who live in New York.

Each character has a distinctive personality and they each go through relatable, sometimes absurd, situations.

Like most humans with flaws, they don’t always present themselves in the best way, which many times brings them into some sticky conflicts.

Here is what marketers can learn from each Friends character:

Ross Geller

Use Knowledge Strategically

Ross is an intelligent paleontologist who often talks about his love of dinosaurs and science, and frequently shares facts to his group of friends.

While he is a reliable source of knowledge…

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The late 90’s to the early-mid 2000s was the time period when boy bands were at their prime.

From watching music video premieres on Total Request Live (TRL), to decking out bedroom walls with magazine pullout posters, to taking low-quality videos with a flip phone at a concert, millennials tend to feel warm and fuzzy inside when basking in these memories.

Millennials have a strong appreciation for this time period in their lives and many would say that old music they grew up with still ranks high in their hearts.

The Jonas Brothers Phenomenon

The Jonas Brothers were widely popular in the 2000’s, launching…


Super Bowl Sunday is one of the only days when people specifically pay attention to the commercials on television.

Big brands work hard to secure a commercial spot during one of the most watched sporting events, but it comes with a high cost. In fact, this year was the most expensive year for Super Bowl commercials, costing between $5.1 and $5.3 million for a 30-second commercial.

That being said, brands needed to be very strategic in order to gain attention and get their message across.

Here are 7 Super Bowl 2019 commercials that were successfully executed:

  1. Doritos: Chance the Rapper…

A picture of an egg now has the most Instagram likes, stealing the spotlight from Kylie Jenner.


In a time where social media is the most powerful tool we have, anything is possible.

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts receive millions of likes daily and she is a top celebrity on the platform. In fact, the first photo she shared of her daughter received 18 million likes, setting the record as the most-liked Instagram photo of all time. That is until an egg stepped in.

An Instagram account named world_record_egg, otherwise known as Egg Gang, set out to defeat Kylie’s record. Their…

Nex Gen Dynamics is rebranding in 2019 to reflect an “outside-the-box” mindset.

“Thinking outside of the box does not define us. Thinking a box is even there restricts our creativity.”​

In 2018, Nex Gen Dynamics has grown by over 500%, and that growth has brought in a collection of innovative minds and new marketing strategies. A rebrand is being put into place to better articulate and establish the newfound Nex Gen vision and identity.

The revitalized Nex Gen Dynamics squad consists of storytellers, writers, social media Jedi, graphic designers, brand strategists, researchers, marketing experts, producers, videographers, video editors, animators, web…

Wendy’s created a Twitch account just to destroy a fictional burger joint.

It all started when Fortnite tweeted a poll asking their followers if they prefer “Beef Boss” or “Tomatohead”, the two different mascots who represent the fictional fast food restaurants Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit.

Wendy’s, who is famously savage on social media, took a stance on this debate, claiming that they side with Team Pizza. They tweeted that Durrr Burger has frozen beef, which is unlawful in Wendy’s world, according to their tagline “fresh, never frozen”.

Wendy’s tweet stirred up a massive response and even caught…

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So you created a YouTube channel filled with high-quality videos with the hopes of either entertaining or educating an eager audience. You feel confident in your video production and editing skills and your videos have crisp imagery and sound along with strong content.

But alas, you are struggling to gain views, likes, and subscribers because you lack a social media presence.

Nowadays, it’s important to cross-promote content on various social platforms. Cross-promoting helps you reach more people and attracts your ideal audience. …

Nex Gen Dynamics VP of Creative Services Troy Sandidge and Digital Marketing Manager Mike Lovelle recently attended the 2018 Digital Summit in Chicago, where they had the privilege of learning about innovative marketing strategies and tools from top professionals.

From sitting in on powerful presentations to networking with the speakers of those presentations, the Digital Summit Chicago was a beneficial experience filled with knowledgeable and well-rounded experts in the marketing industry.

To offer insight on the information obtained from this event, we have put together a recap of three powerful presentations the team attended.

“Power of Purpose”

“There’s never been a harder time…

It is with a sad heart that Google+ has officially had its plug pulled by Google. It’s about time.

This is not another Google+ death hoax like all the other ones that have been floating around for years, this is actually happening.

Cue Michael Scott’s It’s Actually Happening Segment.

World Mental Health Day is on October 10th. It is a day to raise awareness and encourage effort and support in taking care of mental health issues.

Mental health issues are usually not visible, but they occur in 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. per year. In many workplaces, it is not even discussed. Some employers might not understand the effects of mental health and how they can help their employees. But becoming educated is the first step.

In 2016, the World Health Organization reported if treatment for mental health wasn’t scaled up, the world would lose billions of…

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