Today’s enterprises face new attack surfaces such as deepfakes and ransomware, while countering traditional threats like denial of service. It is well regarded that countering these threats requires the ability to leverage vast amounts of diverse data and derive real-time intelligence from it. In addition, increasingly the cybersecurity industry also recognizes the importance of “the human element”, and that technology alone isn’t the magic bullet for data-driven cybersecurity. This is particularly true for all the data operations required to build the latest cybersecurity innovation whether it be threat detection, endpoint security, network monitoring, or security analytics.

Diverse, real-time data drives Cybersecurity Innovation

So what should you…

Humanity’s fight against Coronavirus depends on the speed and precision with which we can take defensive action like social distancing, as well as fight the disease through medical advancement. Data can help on both fronts, and a great example is this New York Times article that studied the origin and spread of the virus using location data.

At Nexla, we are committed to helping for this cause. We have been providing our data integration tools as well as our expertise to teams that are contributing to the global effort to fight COVID-19. In addition we are trying to help make…

Learn about the new DataOps approach needed to support machine learning efforts

Welcome to the second installment of our Definitive Data Operations Report 2018 mini-series! Every year we take the report and break it down into a blog mini-series to provide deeper insights of each section of the report. This week, we’re discussing data team structures and the need to hire in DataOps to fuel machine learning and artificial intelligence.

About the survey

Every year, Nexla surveys hundreds of data professionals to assess the current state of DataOps. This year’s survey, conducted by executive research platform Pulse Q&A, polled 266 IT and data professionals, including analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and executives. The respondents included…

Second annual data operations survey reveals the vast majority of companies have plans to invest in data operations to fuel artificial intelligence and machine learning efforts

Last week, Nexla announced the results of the industry’s benchmark annual data operations (DataOps) survey and Definitive Data Operations Report. The second annual survey and report tracks DataOps adoption and best practices. We’re kicking off a blog mini-series where we break down one section of the report at a time. This week, we cover key findings of the overall survey: the critical demand for data operations and more data resources.

What is data operations?

Data operations is an emerging organization-wide data management practice that controls data flow from source to value, with the goal of speeding up the process of deriving value from data…


The inter-company data operations platform

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