An Active Pursuit Toward Innovation

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⚡️ The Digital Future of an Analog Industry

New technologies in construction are being developed at breakneck speed. But that hasn’t always been the case.

While infrastructure is vital for the development of nations, many people are unaware of the monumental (negative) impact that the construction industry has on the environment. Construction projects worsen climate change with the sector accounting for 39% of the world’s total carbon emissions. In addition to this, the construction industry has become synonymous with wasteful practices and significant energy consumption which is responsible for 36% of the world’s final energy use.

Another challenge facing the construction industry is low workplace productivity including inefficient

Lessons Learned From Our First EiR Cohort

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We were completely blown away by the response to our EiR program launch in September 2020.

Hundreds of applications streamed in from entrepreneurs across the globe. From this, we narrowed down the applications to just 80 initial interviews. After a thorough vetting process and a series of exploratory interviews, we selected final candidates to form part of our very first EiR cohort.

Each candidate brought high-caliber industry knowledge and extensive insights to co-innovate a new venture for the Machine Economy. …

Where Intelligent Systems Meet Innovative Solutions

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⚙️ The Power of Data Analytics: Reacting in Real-Time

In today’s digital era, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), data is everything.

It can be reused, repurposed, and new insights can continue to be extracted from old data to improve existing systems.

We’ve already heard data being likened to ‘the new oil’ but if unrefined, can it really be used to the best of its ability? Data should be thought of as the new ‘rocket fuel’. It’s potential goes beyond anything we could have previously imagined. Data should be gathered, broken down, and analyzed for it to have real value — and most often, it should be done…

Creation is at the Centre of Collaboration

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💫 The Intersection of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Germany’s growth and development engine, Berlin, has become synonymous with the title — the land of ideas. The city’s startup attraction relies on a mix of diverse talent, a vibrant tech culture, and an ecosystem that enables entrepreneurs to access a wealth of funding programs. But as with any location, Berlin is primarily defined by its people.

The city regularly experiences an outpouring of new ideas in modern and existing industries alike. Only the right combination of experts, insights, and tools are guaranteed to transform these ideas into workable solutions.

While it comes as no surprise that autonomous vehicles are…

Sourcing New Ideas in the Open Talent Economy

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💰 Investing in Entrepreneurship for the Long Run

The term ‘Entrepreneur’ is a French word meaning “to undertake”. This speaks to the characteristics of entrepreneurs — an individual who is passionate, curious, committed, creative, knowledgeable, and bold. Entrepreneurs find resources and apply innovative strategies and business acumen to transform ideas into real-world solutions.

Sourcing the right kind of entrepreneur is incredibly important when it comes to creating new companies. Talent is no longer seen as a business expense, but rather as an asset to be invested in — and measured.

It comes as no surprise that each industry — whether it be manufacturing, energy, housing, or retail —…

Boosting Business Formation with Innovation Ecosystems

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✂️ Cutting Through the Red Tape: Why We Need EiRs

Traditionally, Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs) worked with VCs and private equity firms to scout and vet potential investments.

That was then.

But the EiR role is changing.

EiRs are gaining popularity across the board, but more specifically in the area of technology accelerators and venture studios to bring their entrepreneurial excellence to companies for a set period of time (usually 3 months to a year).

EiRs are often thought of as the ‘secret ingredient’ to create products and programs that solve industry-specific challenges in a way that is value-generating and accessible. …

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It’s been one month since Next Big Thing AG (NBT) officially launched its new brand identity (June 2020) and in just a few short weeks, we will share yet another exciting extension of our rebrand campaign with you.

Keep your eyes peeled. That’s all we can say for now but until we unveil our new campaign edition, we want to take a look back at our recent rebranding experience, how everything came together and what makes our visual identity so special.

The rebranding process was another integral step in our grand master plan to bring together today’s most ambitious thinkers…

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Akansha Verma, Frontend Engineer at the NBT office in Berlin

Meet Akansha from Next Big Thing AG

Akansha Verma did not plan to be Frontend Engineer. She credits a great mentor, a team lead at the company she worked at in Chandigarh, India as her inspiration. After Akansha survived an intense project involving 24-hour working days, she had a realization: she would definitely pursue frontend engineering. This meant not only mastering typical HTML and CSS but providing a method for users to interact with, and leverage, a platform for their own goals or usage. The only way to achieve that is to have frontend which is foolproof.

We sat down with Akansha to explore her path and…

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View over Berlin Kreuzberg from the NBT offices at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park

As we relaunch this Medium publication, we put your story first.

Welcome to the Next Big Thing Tank (formerly known as the NBT Thing Tank)! With the re-launch of our publication, we strive to publish evergreen stories that matter today, tomorrow, next year, and if possible — for decades. This publication serves as an open space where your contributions can be made without super restrictive guidelines on topics, style, and wording.

Each of you has a personal voice — one that we hope to feature soon on the Next Big Thing Tank.

You can look to submit your story by reaching out to us at or by submitting a story…

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A novel co-innovation model in an age of fast-paced innovation and pressure

The life of a founder is a constant tug-of-war between success and failure. Moments of pressure and struggle often lead to doubt and failure, putting founders in nerve-racking situations. Certain tough tasks remain unavoidable for founders, as we’ve pointed out in a previous article. Now, enter company builders, offering integral support to founders from all backgrounds.

Beyond the omnipresent pressure that founders face, a key decision factor lingers: how can I increase my odds of success? To reach the goal of success, founders might ask themselves these follow-up questions: how do I attract the right talent, build my solution, gain…

Next Big Thing AG

Europe’s leading venture studio for the Machine Economy that co-founds deep-tech companies with aspiring founders & corporates.

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