Building real time scalable web apps using node.js

If customers looking for a best technology to create a real time scalable web apps then Node.js is the best option for them. When the application starts to attract more customers the developers no need to worry if they developed the platform in node.js. Node.js is an excellent framework for agile development. So startups must go for Node.js framework.

Here are the reasons why developers will suggest Node.js to create real time scalable web apps.

Using Node.js developers creates web applications that are fast, scalable and data driven.

Industries which uses Node.js technology are social media,ecommerce,broadcasting,sports,stockmarket,education,healthcare,gaming,chats, Some famous real time scalable web applications are facebook, twitter, Google+, e-bay, The New York Times, Quora etc.,

Socket.IO is a WebSockets library for Node.js that allows real-time communication. IOS and android browsers support WebSockets. All operating systems support Node.js. WebSockets helps to make a two-way communications between the client and server.

The data-interchange format (JSON) parsed automatically from the client side to the server side .The data is kept in json format from the browser to the disk.Node.js releases the data in chunks so no buffer needed.

Node.js has event loop that helps to handle multi-user requests in an effortless manner. With Node.js you can solve the low latency issues using asynchronous input-output operations. Node server can handle multiple parallel requests without any problem so real time data transfer becomes so easy.

So from these advantages most comes to the conclusion Node.js is the natural and best framework for developing real time scalable web applications.

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