How healthcare organizations using mobility to revolutionize patient care

Mobility is disrupting and revolutionizing the health care system. These mobile trackers are connected to smartphones, cars and healthcare monitors.

The apps in the smart watch monitor the health by how many Steps taken, calories burned and checks the heart rate. The smart watch contains heart rate monitor, accelerometer, barometer, compass, photoplethysmography sensor. Apple has its own famous health app. The Samsung Gear S has Nike’s + running app. So smart watches changes the patient care dramatically.

Wristband Monitor your activity throughout the day. Monitors the sleep. Modern wristband contains GPS module, heartbeat, blood pressure, skin temperature and acidity sensors, bluetooth transmitter etc.,

Health care professionals use the latest mobile technologies to manage Information management, time management, health record access and maintenance, consultation management, communication management, patient monitoring, medical education and training, clinical calculation apps etc., with the mobile devices and its mobile apps.

Health care professionals now using mobile phones, pagers, tablets, PDA for efficient HealthCare. Latest medical journals, medical text books diagnosis information are now available in mobile devices.

People are using lots of medical calculators in their day to day life for example BMI calculator, Sugar monitoring device, Sleep amnesia.

Nowadays lots of IOT devices are connected with the mobile apps which lead to better efficiency in the healthcare field.

Using mobile devices in health care leads to better efficiency, fast decision making, convenience, fast execution of work.

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